A valid passport is required for all guests on the Tribe Tambor Cruise. For more info, LEARN MORE.

Dining Options

All guests on the Tribe Tambor Cruise are assigned a MYTIME seating time this means that seating is available to you at anytime after 6:00pm

Fee for Changes

A $20 fee applies for any changes made to an existing reservation, including changes to guest names, cabin assignments, cabin upgrades, addition of roommates, or reinstatement of reservations that have been canceled or suspended. This fee is charged per cabin, not per guest. This fee does not apply for the correction of errors made by us or for changes made within 30 days of original reservation.


Required Information

To expedite your reservation, please have the following information ready before making your reservation:

  • Your first and last name as it appears on your passport

  • Requested cabin category (see PRICING page for available options)

  • Credit card payment info

  • Your Date of Birth, Mailing address, and Phone number

  • A valid email address that will be used for the booking with this cruise

  • A Username and password that will not be forgotten

  • Note: Requests for specific cabin number assignments cannot be guaranteed

If you will have a roommate, the following additional info will be needed:

  • Roommate's first and last name as it appears on their passport

  • Roommate's street address

  • Roommate's phone number

  • Roommate's e-mail address

  • Roommate's date of birth

  • Roommate's country of residence

  • Roommate's country of citizenship


Important Info on Roommates

If you are booking a double, triple, or quad cabin, please read the following information regarding roommate reservations:

  • If you and your roommate(s) will be paying separate deposits, your reservation cannot be completed until all roommate deposits are received.

  • If your roommate(s) are unknown at the time of booking, your reservation will be booked as a single-occupancy of a double cabin and you will be charged accordingly. A single supplement fee will apply. If you add roommate(s) at a later date, the single supplement fee will be credited back and the fee will be charged for each additional roommate.


A fee for changes will apply if adding a new roommate to your cabin after 30 days of the original reservation date. (Refer to "Fee for Changes" paragraph above.)